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2/10/13–Gratitude Journal

February 11, 2013

I am grateful for my wonderful children and grandchildren.  I loved how Nathan enjoyed receiving some of the seashells I collected as a child that were kept for me by my late mom.  I am grateful for a houseful of organic veggie food.  I am grateful I was able to place a few rocks in the succulent labyrinth. i am grateful that my son calls me on Sundays from Wichita and that he is feeling somewhat better after his appendectomy and the loss of his dear friend, Randy Storms and his wife and dog.  I am grateful for a talk with my friend, Pat.  I am grateful for an early evening to go to bed in an attempt to shake this cold (even if I don’t get the memoir written for the class I am taking.) I am grateful for friends and students on facebook.

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